Chocolate Class

At Browniss, we open an opportunity to all chocolate lovers to learn some technic in basic making handmade chocolates.

Schedule Classes in January

  • 2/01/2010 (Saturday) – Done
  • 10/01/2010 (Sunday) – Done
  • 30/01/2010 (Saturday) – Done

Schedule Classes in February

  • 6/02/2010 (Saturday) -Done
  • 13/02/2010(Saturday) – Done

Schedule Classes in March

  • 06/03/2010(Saturday) – Done
  • 20/03/2010 – Full
  • 27/03/2010-Available

Schedule Classes in April

  • 03/04/2010

RM250 (Deposit RM100)



Fees include notes, Certificate of  Participation, the materials and list of suppliers to make a chocolate. You may bring home a chocolate that you have created during classes.

10.30a.m – 3.00p.m

No.15, Wisma Norbaya, Jalan 2/4C,
Desa Melawati, 53100 KL
(Near Mingo-mingo icecream and MRR2)
What do you learn?
1) Types and formulations of chocolate: couverture, compound and preparation method

2) The “Tempering Technic” for chocolate couverture is easy to do at home without using machines or require room air conditioners. 

3)Create your own handmade chocolate with chocolate couverture and compound (hands on).

4) You will learn Chocolate techniques such as:

  • Chocolate-Praline (Molded)
  • Chocolate-Praline Filling Type (Nuts / Paste)
  • Chocolate Praline Deco./Color
  • Strawberry Chocolate Delight
  • Chocolate Bar 
  • Chocolate Lollipop

What should you bring during class?

  • Apron-if you do not want your shirt infected chocolate
  • pen – if you need to take your own notes.
  • Tupperware to fill chocolate that you have created


For more information pls email me at or SMS to 012-2789535 (Ms.Nissa) for quick response regarding chocolate course


  1. saye berminat nk belaja buat coklat. ms nisa x buat kelas kt ipoh ke?

  2. i nk belajar buat coklat. camane nk daftar? or boleh juz walk-in je. n bayar mase walk-in? tq.

    • Hi Umi, i have reply your email. Tq

      • hi nissa. sorry, i br check email. tp tarikh dh lepas. bila lagi nak ada kursus. tq.

    • hi nissa. sorry, i br check my email. tp tarikh kursus dh lepas. bila lagi nk buat kursus. tq.

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