Our Product/Gift

Love Box Container


-Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut

-White Chocolate With Almond

-Dark Chocolate with raisin

Price : RM9.90 each

Qty : 13pcs each Box

Min. Order : 36/CTN

 10 pcs Praline in Container Box


Flavor :

-Milk Chocolate with Almond

-Double layer with orange flavor & Nuts Filling

Price : RM8.90 each

Qty : 10pcs each box

Min. Order : 36/CTN


25 pcs Praline in Deco Box

Details : 100% cocoa butter

-25pcs Milk Premium Praline with Almond Filling 

Price : RM55 each

*Suitable for hantaran/gift

6pc Premium Praline

-Milk Premium Praline with Almond

 Price: RM16

*Min. Order : 36/CTN

4pc Premium Praline in Batik Box

Details: 100% cocoa butter

-Milk Premium Praline with Almond

Price: RM12

*min. Order : 36/CTN

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